Hand Crafted Copper Jewelry

Few things are built to last like copper.

And there’s nothing like copper jewelry that has been worked by hand to create a piece that is as unique and striking as the wearer.

J Paul understands that every piece of copper has a story. From the miner who excavated it to the forger who smelted it into ingots and sheets, before finally taking hundreds of strikes with a doming hammer by an artisan, one piece of copper can change many hands, and fuel many industries.

Heritage, tradition, and an incredible story are inherent in every piece crafted by J Paul. No two pieces can ever be truly the same. Find the one that speaks to you.

J Paul's Arizona Collection

Featuring J Paul's handcrafted copper pieces with genuine Kingman Turquoise.

We buy ALL of our Kingman Turquoise directly from the Kingman Turquoise Mine right here in Arizona. We guarantee it is authentic Kingman Turquoise!

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