Copper Jewelry by Paul Roberts

A little about J Paul……………..

He grew up in the Midwest, Iowa specifically, in a small farming community. He relocated to Arizona over 15 years ago and now calls Tucson home.

He is a self-taught Artisan with his main medium being copper. He started by making copper roses, in February of 2020, out of copper water pipe and expanded into making jewelry.

With much advice and support, from friends and family, he has now turned a hobby into J Paul Copper Creations. In addition to selling his jewelry here, and on, he also does Artisan shows all over Arizona. With customers in most of the 50 States, Canada, and Europe he takes great pride in knowing that his creations are being worn and enjoyed by people all over the world.

So please take a look at some of his creations and remember life is short, laugh, love, eat well and always think outside the box…….